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What is heliskiing? 

Heliskiing is a great way to reach a mountain range, which provides untouched powder snow. The terrain is far out in nature, and it's impossible to hike within a day. However, I do love heliskiing to escape from the daily business. It's a great adventure and adrenalin kick. 

Therefore I have been exploring places such as Revelstoke, heliski chamonix, heliskiing Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, and New Zealand. I offer great heliski experiences worldwide, depending on your goal and budget. 


  • Austria (in combination with ski touring) 
  • Switzerland (in combination with ski touring) 
  • France (in combination with ski touring) 
  • Iceland (in combination with ski touring) 
  • Georgia (Tip on a budget)
  • Canada 
  • Greenland (in combination with ski touring) 

How to do it

  • contact me right now 
  • tell me about your goal 
  • team of people who want to join 
  • favourite place and time 

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