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The astonishing landscape of Norway offers a fantastic playground for ski touring and sailing. We will explore the Norwegian mountains by boat and give you access to the best ski touring spots, including Sauna, excellent restaurants and more.

Practical Information

  • We need a team of mind. 5 participants in order to cover the sailing boat.
  • Season: April - May
  • Available Spots: First come first serve
  • Duration: it usually takes 4-5 days on the boat, 6 days including travelling
  • Price: tbc

About the trip

  • Low emissions during the trip - the engine will only be used when needed
  • Usually, during April and May, Norway offers great corn skiing - sometimes fresh powder snow falls overnight
  • Living on the boat can be narrow - therefore, TEAM is vital - I only bring a great team to the trip
  • Good food is essential during an intensive sailing and skiing trip
  • The fitness level needs to be high to compensate for the entire program
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