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How to ski guide for beginners and experts

Do you want to learn how to ski and enjoy the next winter vacation with your friends comfortable and safe on skis? 

Are you a great skier but want to improve your skiing skills to the next level? 

You made it to ski with Nina Gigele, and I can help you solve this problem. In addition, I will support you in building up your confidence while skiing.

What I suggest

I suggest you build the relevant fitness and learn skiing or improve technical skills by yourself following my online ski course. You can get a monthly membership to help you get over the first steps in skiing. Furthermore, you will build up body strength, and you. are prepared for winter. 

Second, I suggest you book ski lessons whether you do it with me or choose a ski school – I highly recommend you take the time and learn it from a professional. If you are a good skier but want to reach the next level, I advise you to book private coaching in a ski school or with me. 

What to do next

Book your ski coaching on flexible dates 

Requirement: Snow :) 

Get your equipment ready because we will start our face-to-face technical clinics whenever it suits you.

Book your personal ski coaching now and enjoy skiing to the fullest. 

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