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5 advantages being a ski instructor

5 advantages of being a ski instructor

Alright, here will be listed 5 advantages of being a ski instructor. I must say it's hard to only name 5 reasons why it is so amazing to work as a ski instructor, but here we go…

  1. You can make a living by doing what you love most- what more needs to be said?
    If you think about a job that you have to do for the rest of your life or, let's say, for quite some time, there is no better way to combine your most significant ambitions and your work. Therefore being a ski instructor is incredible for anyone that just loves to ski, loves to be outdoors, loves to be on the mountain and last but not least, loves communicating and meeting new people. Of course, the skill to teach must be present somewhere as well, but if someone burns for a specific activity, they are keen to learn other people how it's done. It's as simple as that.
  2. Being outside almost every day – breathing the fresh mountain air.
    Every day at work is a day well spent outside, breathing fresh air and enjoying what mother nature gives you. Of course, there are some cold days where you might freeze you're a** off, but these days usually bring some snow as well, which further means that you can go powder skiing. And then there are all the sunny days, where you can tan until you look like a panda on your face or just soak in all the Vitamin D to be happy.
  3. Being on the mountain every single day.
    If you love the mountains and if you love winter, what is better than to combine those two things and spend time there while working? If you are teaching in the valley, you can at least enjoy the view of the mountains.
  4. Making other people happy.
    Most of the work means making other people happy as once your guests can ski on their own or improve their technique or just had a fantastic day skiing through breathtaking mother nature, they leave with a smile.
  5. Seeing your guest's improvements and the fun they have thanks to what you're teaching them as a ski instructor.
    Teaching someone how to ski clearly shows how they improve from hour to hour or day to day. Seeing how they get better and thus implement the tips you give them makes the job as a ski instructor very satisfying. Because nothing is more unpleasant if you work for something and don't see the outcome. All the positive energy you put into your work generally pays off, and that is very special within this job.

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