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Experiencing our shared passion is the most valuable gift I can receive. Join me on an unforgettable skiing journey – I'm enthusiastic about guiding technical clinics on-piste, exploring off-piste terrains, embarking on ski tours, or even indulging in heliskiing adventures.

Experience ultimate Arlberg skiing (max 3 people)

€ 2,500.00 EUR

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Ski Coaching & Guiding min. 3 Days

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Ready to master skiing or take your skills to new heights? Look no further—I'm your dedicated personal coach, leading you through tailor-made technical clinics and igniting your passion for skiing. Elevate your journey on the slopes with me by your side.

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Why would you ski with Nina Gigele?

Skill level doesn’t matter

Experience the thrill of skiing like never before. With my innovative visualization exercises, I'll make you feel the movement on skis in ways you've never imagined. Drawing from my extensive skiing expertise, I'll open up a new world of skiing for you. Delve into technical enhancements, master ski equipment, navigate mountain terrain, and truly grasp the essence of that incredible sensation on skis. Get ready to transform your skiing journey with my unique insights.

Skill level doesn’t matter

Step up your skiing skills every day in the great outdoors. Challenge your comfort zone and join me and fellow enthusiasts for exhilarating skiing adventures. Let's elevate your skiing game together!

Network and Friendship

The heart of skiing lies in the company you keep. Our vibrant network brings you together with like-minded individuals and passionate friends who share your enthusiasm. Join a community that thrives on the love of skiing!

Experience skiing in a phenomenal way

Shift from the ordinary. While you're accustomed to cruising pistes and sharing moments with friends, I invite you to plunge into a world of deep skiing, freeriding, personalized ski touring, and even heliskiing. Witness skiing from diverse and extraordinary angles. Dare to step beyond your comfort zone and dedicate time to delve into the art of skiing movement with me.

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