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Sharing the same passion with you is the most meaningful present I can get. So book your skiing trip with me - I love to ski technical clinics on-piste, off-piste skiing, ski touring or heliskiing.

Technical clinics on piste skiing

Do you want to learn how to ski and enjoy the next winter vacation with your friends comfortable and safe on skis? Are you a great skier but want to improve your skiing skills to the next level? You made it to ski with Nina Gigele, and I can help you solve this problem. In addition, I will support you in building up your confidence while skiing.

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Individual skiing - off-piste, ski tour, freeride, heliski & adventures

Do you want to reach fresh powder snow while heliskiing, ski touring or freeriding at the Arlberg or any other resort in Austria or Switzerland?

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Ski Trips

Let's create memories together on outstanding experiences and ski with me!

Sail to ski trip Norway

Sail to ski trip in Norway is an expedition on sailing a yacht and exploring the untouched mountains of Norway. An epic sail to ski voyage in the arctic for those who like real adventures.

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Experience the fantastic ski terrain by helicopter - this is a lifetime adventure.

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Book your luxury private boutiq.Chalet & premium ski guiding

Are you looking for a unique ski experience? Stay at a secret spot in the alps. Enjoy the luxury chalet yourself, including an outdoor sauna and inspiring view. As a ski guide, I will show you the best skiing depending on snow and weather conditions.

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Online Courses

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Learn how to Ski

— with Nina

Do you want to learn skiing or improve your skills? I am your personal coach guiding you through individual technical clinics and growing your passion for skiing.

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— Advantages of skiing

Why would you ski with Nina Gigele?

Skill level doesn’t matter

I will help you feel the movement on skis as I use great visualising exercises you did not experience before. My deep know-how in skiing will introduce you to a new cosmos in skiing. You will understand skiing in the topics of technical improvements, ski equipment, behaviour in the mountains and the most essential character of the feeling on skis.

Skill level doesn’t matter

Everyday outside let you improve your skiing skills. So get out of you comfort zone and ski with like-minded people and me.

Network and Friendship

It is all about the people you ski with - our great network connects you with people and passionate friends.

Experience skiing in a phenomenal way

I guess you are used to skiing pistes and enjoying the day with your friends. I offer you to deep dive into skiing, freeriding, individual ski touring or heliskiing. You will observe the ski experience diversely and outstandingly. So get out of your comfort zone and take the time to explore the movement of skiing with me.

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— Friendship
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