coolest facts of being a ski instructor

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Most astonishing facts about being a ski instructor

Most astonishing facts about being a ski instructor

First things first: before work, you might have just enough time to ski a bit on your own and enjoy untracked powder hills all to yourself because you’re the first one on the mountain. After enjoying a few turns to yourself, one can start working, which means more skiing. Depending on the level of your guests, you can decide where to go and what slopes to ski. Skiing off-piste with your guests is often referred to as the most fun thing, but you always have to keep in mind the risks the inviting powder lines may have and the safety of your guests. But all in all, guests and ski instructors have a smile on their faces after a beautiful powder day.

 In case you’re teaching someone how to ski, it is nice to see the improvement and the challenge people undergo to ultimately learn a new sport, which brings them so much joy and self-confidence. So I would say that being a ski instructor is a fantastic job.

Furthermore, as a ski instructor, you should know the ski area you’re working in by heart. This means that you’re the absolute pro (amongst other ski instructors) when it comes to knowing where to go in every situation and condition. But that’s a pretty rad thing.

Being flexible and adjustable as a ski instructor 

Working as a ski instructor further means meeting new people almost daily, at least every few days or weeks. Of course, you might not get along with everyone ideally but the friendships that might arise often hold on for a lifetime and open up new possibilities as you get to know people from all over the world. Another skill that comes with meeting new people and working with them is openness and adaptability to many different situations. In what other job do you meet new people daily and need to adjust your way of teaching to achieve the best outcome? Additionally, you might sometimes get into difficult situations where you have to act rapidly and in the best possible manner, which lets you grow not only as a human being but also as a strong character.

To sum up

Last but not least, a ski instructor works in the field that he or she is best in and thus combines their most significant ambitions with their job, which is a great accomplishment. Oh yes, and ultimately, if someone asks you what you’re doing and you are a ski instructor… It’s always cool ;-)   


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