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How to get fit for skiing + free 12-week training program

How to get fit for skiing with 12-week ski training program

I am happy to share my fitness program specially created for skiers. Build up your strength to ski your best. I am sharing my ski-specific training with you based on my experience, education and my daily workouts I do. I share secrets on how to get stronger on skis than ever and enjoy more great days on the mountain, even injury-free.

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The program

The program is specially made for all who want to improve their skiing level. Physical strength is essential to increase the level of skiing, so I created that course. During the 12-week ski training program, you will improve your strength, endurance, coordination and core. The exercises are made to get fit for skiing and your ski holidays this season.

Since I started working as a ski guide and skiing all over the world, I have improved my performance while training specifically for skiing. The program is not for ski racers; it's for people who want to improve their skiing skills or keep up their level. The program is for beginner to intermediate skiers who want to keep up with me on piste and off-piste. :)
People who want to get fit like to participate in ski-instructor education courses. Ski lovers who want to be ahead of others feel fit, healthy and strong to make any ski trip.

Download the get ski fit athletic and core program now.


  • Unique coaching by Nina
  • Immediately progress and no waste of time
  • I created the plan to train whenever you find time
  • Bring the exercises on the go and train as much as you want
  • Step on your skis feeling confident and strong
  • Reduce the risk of injuries during your skiing days
  • Improve carving, inclination and speed control
  • Feel overall balanced and satisfied with daily life

Get it now and enjoy training with me.

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