Ski Instructor vs Ski Guide what does it mean?

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Life of a Ski Instructor vs Ski Guide in Austria

What does ski guide in Austria mean?

Austria is well-known for its high standard of skiing lessons and ski guides. Not many countries have such a high density of ski instructors and ski guides. But what is the difference between a ski instructor and a ski guide, and is there even one? The answer is a clear yes.

Ski Instructor vs Ski Guide

In Austria, you can become a ski guide if you accomplish another level of alpine education after finishing the state-certified ski instructor. Thus, the conditions of permission for alpine education to become a ski guide are already relatively high and require a successfully completed Diploma ski instructor course and other alpine experience, including ski touring and basic climbing knowledge. The entrance test focuses on ski touring, the skills you need to be safe off-piste, and a high personal fitness level. Furthermore, abseiling and alpine first aid processes are tested. Throughout the education to become a ski guide, a deeper understanding of alpine expertise is built in theory and practice.

Regarding ski guiding, the most significant difference between a ski instructor is the ability to hike and the allowance to ascend the mountain with guests. A ski guide's experience and alpine expertise are generally higher; thus, ski guides tend to ski more off-piste with their guests. Ski touring or heliskiing is an enormous joy and an excellent possibility for guests with a ski guide.

The process of becoming self-employed

Another option is to work self-employed. Working self-employed as a ski guide in Austria is a bit more complex than explained here. Still, you need all the educational levels successfully completed that were mentioned earlier and, on top of that, quite some documented time of work experience within the field to eventually work independently. So, all in all, there are many options ski guides have within their area of work.

These are the main cornerstones of being a ski guide in Austria.

More information about dates and the requirements of the ski guide education you can find through the following links:

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