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How to ski | Ski instructor vs Boyfriend

Lucky you! Is it true that you clicked on this article because you have a skier-boyfriend who would like to teach you how to ski? Or did you join because your secret crush is hitting the slopes, and you would like to ski with him? 

Anyhow, real talk here, girls and boys: if you are dreaming about the super cheesy winter holiday, learning to ski from your crush or whatever, you might think twice. Here's why in how to ski - Ski instructor vs boyfriend.

How romantic is a ski course really?

First, no skiing is not golfing - unless the ski instructor has very questionable techniques - there won't be any hugging or getting very close. Admittedly, the atmosphere is quite romantic with all the snow falling from the sky. But learning how to ski is far away from a romantic date. It is no coincidence that there has never been a movie about love on a ski course. No Patrick Swayze, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Johnny Depp has ever played a ski instructing super-lover who met his girl on such occasion. Of course, it is fun learning how to ski, and of course, you want to be seen in your cute winter outfit, but chances are high you show a clumsy side of yourself rather than look like a runway model on skis.

Ski instructor vs boyfriend: Who will be the better teacher?

Let's be honest here, all the perfect traits of your crush aside, is he/she really an expert? Becoming a ski instructor is no cup of tea. Depending on the ski level of the client, the instructor has to provide special lessons. Additionally, he has to pass practical and theoretical tests. They will not only learn how to teach skiing properly but also how to choose suitable pistes according to their client's experience level. Ski instructors also train their eyes to recognize mistakes the client makes. There are many steps not to ignore, and even if your boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, or whatsoever has been skiing for decades and goes off-piste, etc., they still lack the training professionals receive. They instead give you ski tips than

Weighing out risks

Ski courses are pretty safe when executed with an expert ski instructor by your side. But with your crush, a system might pose quite a risk. He might overrate your newly acquired skills and torture you down a piste that is way out of your league. Or - god forbid - he might lose patience, frustrated over his incompetence in teaching you how to ski. Hmm, that kind of date might end disastrously.

Ski instructor vs boyfriend: Who's honest with you?

Ok, if you expect your love to teach you how to ski, he/she probably likes you back. Your boyfriend/girlfriend won't tell you what you did wrong in skiing. Lovebirds are generally considered blind to each other's flaws, right?

So, you really need to set priorities here: Do you want to learn how to ski, or do you want to spend time with your loved one?

A ski instructor will be honest and professional, ensuring you acquire the perfect ski technique. This will enable you to follow your skier-boyfriend/-girlfriend in the future. If we do the math, you probably will spend way more time skiing with your soulmate if you actually CAN ski after the course. Because if not so, you spend time with them for a short ski course, and afterwards, you will be left with no or lousy ski skills, not being able to go skiing with them ever again. Not daring to think your boyfriend/girlfriend might be frustrated that they did not accomplish their expected success.

Ski instructor vs boyfriend: Who has better qualities?

Yes, your crush is cute, dreamy, funny, witty, and prince charming, but the qualities of a ski instructor may outweigh your dearest ones in mountain terrain. A ski instructor is not just a teacher; he embodies a mixture of the guide, buddy, and teacher. He will show you the Austrian ski resort and give you inside tips. After all, he lives in this ski resort. A ski instructor knows what to do under weather conditions and helps you with your ski equipment in case you struggle with getting used to it.

(Plus, dear single ladies and gents out there, many ski instructors are cute too - I am just saying …)

Ski instructor vs Boyfriend: Conclusion

Listen up, you lovebirds out there, be clever and book a ski instructor. The simple reason why is because it will probably support your harmonic relationship in a better way. If you learn skiing properly, you will be able to spend way more time with your loved ones in the future. Joining them on lots and lots of ski adventures. Therefore, consider this time with a ski instructor an investment in future quality time with your honey. They will still be able to give you ski tips later when you are already capable of the basics. And who says you cannot ski with them if you book a ski course? You might schedule a ski course in the morning hours. In the afternoon, you'll present the progress you have made to your boyfriend/girlfriend. They'll be so proud and flattered that you learned skiing for them.

The other thing about taking a ski course is that you'll make yourself a little scarce. However, this will transform evening hours in a cosy romantic restaurant into even more special. And putting on your cute winter outfit on the way to the restaurant without heavy ski boots might ease getting closer to each other.

Having said that, have a romantic winter holiday!


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