The advantage of working all over the world as a ski instructor

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The advantage of working all over the world as a ski instructor

The benefit of working all over the world as a ski instructor

What is excellent as a ski instructor is that you can work as such worldwide. Of course, there are different regulations concerning the levels of education in every country, but once you’ve reached the highest level, it doesn’t matter anymore as it is internationally valid. As people travel from all over the world to Austria for skiing, as an example, the client base is international. Thus, opportunities arise that you might work for a specific type of guest in another country. If you did a good job and built a great relationship with your guests, they might want to ski with you at other holiday destinations, which is fantastic. Of course, knowing every ski area before you teach or guide there is key, but the more experience you get as a ski instructor, the better and faster you can adapt to new places.

Working as a ski instructor WORLDWIDE

The job as a ski instructor and having the chance to work worldwide is learning foreign languages. Of course, English is mandatory from the beginning, but sooner or later, languages such as Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian or Italian become part of your daily life. What goes hand in hand with learning new languages is getting to know foreign cultures. Every country has their own customs, and as a ski instructor, you work closely and personally with the guests. That way, you get a profound insight into their way of living and how things are done where they come from or where you might be working as a ski instructor.

Ski instructors are the best travellers

If you work abroad, the possibilities are high that you might get off one or another day, and that’s when you can explore new places and be a “tourist” for once. Often times there might be a bit of time left after the winter season is over. If that’s the case, one can travel around if there’s money left ;-)

As you can see, there are various facets and aspects of being a ski instructor that might not be visible in the first place but having the possibility and being able to work all over the world pretty easy indeed is a fantastic option within this job.

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