Ski fitness get ready for skiing athletic and core program to download

Skiing Tips

How to get fit | Athletic + Core Training Program to download

Get ready to ski and download the script for the online fitness course.

I created those programs to help you stay aligned with the online fitness course.

To get to the online course, please click on me. 

How does the script work? 

  • Please download all the documents.
  • Save it on your phone or print them.
  • Follow the online course steps, and on your weekly plan, you will see when you need to do what
  • The great advantage of my online course is that the workouts are pretty short - so you will improve without spending too much time on training.
  • The Athletic + CoreTraining are a mix of different exercises.
  • Always do min — two series of each training.
  • If you are motivated, do 3-5 series per training.


  • Read the following article about how to get fit for skiing (ski fitness program by Nina Gigele) 
  • Always stay focused when doing an exercise or workout
  • Even if you feel bad and don't want to exercise, do it - min 1 series per training!! YOU CAN DO IT!! Those are the days you improve the most - keep that in mind.
  • Trust yourself and keep doing the exercises; you will soon feel the difference and improvement.
  • Drink enough water during the day
  • Always get in touch with me and ask if something is unclear.

Enjoy your improvements :) 

Skiers hugs 


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